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  • No Negative Carryover

    “We take nothing from you. No set-up costs and no negative carryover. If your balance is negative at the end of the month, worry not, for you’ll start the next month with a clean slate. No deductions, no hidden costs.”

  • All the Marketing Tools You Need

    “Promoting and monitoring should always be easy. We believe that our tools do exactly what they should do: facilitate whatever promotion idea is in your head, and provide the statistics to know exactly how well it works.”

  • Superb Deals & Service

    “Our casino affiliate network is based on 1 solid principle: where we benefit, you benefit. And you will benefit. With our profitable and customizable affiliate commission deals, we make sure you get the highest commissions in the market. CPA, lifetime revenue share, or hybrid.”

  • No Hidden Costs

    “You need to know what you are working for, so let us be totally open with you. Our revenue share deal is very simple. You earn a percentage of what your players lose minus a fixed fee of 28% for licensee fees and banking costs. Can we be any clearer?”

Why join?

Joining Omni Slots Affiliates is the fastest way to earn solid, monthly commissions promoting our high-conversion casino. Our long experience in the online gaming world in all different parts of the field has given us a clear view of what our casino affiliates need. So join our program and benefit from our experience.

  • No Negative
  • No Hidden
  • Expert
  • Lifetime
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Promoting Omni Slots means value for money. You can earn up to 50% revenue share or start with a generous CPA deal.

The choices for success have never been better.

Net Revenue
Rev Share %
  • €0 - €500
  • €501 - €1,000
  • €1,001 - €5,000
  • €5,001 - €10,000
  • €10,001 - €25,000
  • €25,000 or more...
No Negative Carryover.


We offer a jump-start for the first 60 days of your Omni Slots affiliate activity. Sign-up now and start promoting Omni Slots to receive a revenue share of 60% for the first 60 days. It doesn't end there… Every month you can win amazing prizes with our affiliate draw by just bringing new depositing players.

60% Revenue share

For 60 days

  • No Negative Carryover
  • No Hidden Costs
  • Amazing Player Value

Monthly Affiliate Draw

Every month you can win:

  • €60 extra CPA (for 1 month - max. €1000)
  • €30 extra CPA (for 1 month - max. €500)
  • €15 Extra CPA (for 1 month - max. €400)

60% Revenue share for the first 60 days

The future begins today

Many online casinos offer 25-35% revenue share. Some maybe offer 45%. We give you 60% revenue share in the first 60 days. After that, we will adjust your revenue share according to our Affiliate Commission Plan or make a special deal with you.

Terms and Conditions

  • This offer is valid for 60 days and starts at the moment you sign up. After the 60 days we will adjust your revenue share according to our Affiliate Commission Plan or any new agreement.
  • 1 affiliate account per person or company. You can however add multiple websites and other channels to your affiliate account.


Monthly Affiliate Draw

We like to give our affiliates something extra and reward them for being an affiliate of Omni Slots Affiliates. Every month we have a draw where you can win extra CPA amounts for the next month.

How does it work?

For every new real player (from revenue share campaigns only - excluding fixed fee campaigns) you bring in the specific month you receive 1 lottery ticket. At the beginning of the following month we will have the lottery draw where you can win the following prizes:

  • 1st prize:
    €60 extra CPA (baseline of €30 with maximum of €1000)
  • 2nd prize:
    €30 extra CPA (baseline of €30 with maximum of €500)
  • 3rd prize:
    €15 extra CPA (baseline of €30 with maximum of €400)

Terms and Conditions

  • You receive 1 lottery ticket for every new real player in the specific month.
  • The winner will be decided by third party draw service
  • will pick three winners for the draw. Each person can win maximum 1 prize. If three the same winners show up then we only give away 1 price, which will be the 1st prize. If two the same winners show up then we give a way the 1st and 2nd prize.
  • The Affiliate Draw prize can not be won in combination with other promotions and exclusive deal with an affiliate.
  • Players from campaigns in combination with a fixed fee payment don't count for a lottery ticket and in the calculation of the extra CPA bonus.
  • Players coming through CPA or Hybrid campaign don't count for a lottery ticket and in the calculation of the extra CPA bonus
  • The minimum accumulative deposit amount of a NDP to qualify for the extra CPA is €30.
  • The maximum amount you can win are; 1st prize = €1000, 2nd prize = €500, 3th prize = €400
  • The Management of Omni Slots Affiliates reserves the right to deny prizes when suspecting abuse of the bonus program or violation of one or more of the Monthly Draw rules.

X CLOSE features the ultimate blend of the greatest releases from the very beginning until now. By teaming up with only the best in their respective fields, we have compiled a unique, premium selection of games that appeal to a broad audience.

Omni Slots offers great promotions, reliable account system, fast and professional support and spectacular slots for your players.

A unique world of games where the latest and most advanced slots meet their classic ancestors.

FAQ & Contact Us

At Omni Slots Affiliates, we work closely with you to maximize your performance and income. This means that you can count on professional and reliable service to make this Partnership successful. If you have questions you can take a look at our Frequently asked questions section or contact us.


Please browse through our Frequently Asked Questions to see if someone beat you to our mailbox and has already had an answer to their question.


Contact Us

If you cannot find answers to your questions in our FAQ section or you want to contact us directly then please feel free to send the team an email to [email protected]


Frequently Asked Questions

Please cast your eyes over our recently asked questions. It could be that the answer to your questions lay right here.

    Does it cost me something to join your affiliate program?

    There is NO fee or upfront investment needed to participate in this program. All you need to do is sign up, obtain your unique Affiliate ID, select a payment plan, and start sending players!

    I don't have a website. Can I still become an affiliate?

    Yes, you can still become an affiliate and we have affiliates who send many players through other ways of marketing like mailers, coupons, Facebook, etc. We would like to discuss first how you will promote us to know where the players are coming from and help you with getting the best of out the promotion.

    Can I promote you on more sites and how can I do that?

    Off course you can promote our products on many sites as you want. You can create different campaigns for each site or position to see the results per item.

    How does your tracking system works?

    Our tracking system works with cookies. Every link or marketing tool you use from our affiliate system has a unique tracking code which is connected with your account. Once a player clicks on the link and opens an account at one of our products our system will take care that this player will come under your affiliate ID and will stay your player forever.

    Are your stats real-time?

    Only the clicks and impressions are in real time. Other data (NRC, NDC, Deposits, Net-revenue, your commission) are updated once a day.

    What can I earn?

    When you sign up for the first time we have a great welcome offer where you receive 60% revenue share for the first 60 days. Once the 60 days welcome offer has finished you will earn a commission based on our standard commission plan or we will discuss how to continue.

    How is the commission calculated?

    The calculation of the revenue share deal is as follows:

    Commission = Net revenue X revenue share percentage
    Net revenue = Gross revenue (wagering) – winnings – 28% admin fee (licensing, payment provider fee, etc.) – possible chargeback – possible taxes.

    You will not pay for any promotion costs like bonuses and free spins.

    What happen if my balance is negative at the end of the month?

    We have a no negative carryover policy which means that you will start the following month with €0 and not with the negative amount.

    Can I earn money with referring other affiliates?

    At Omni Slots Affiliates you can also earn money by referring other affiliates. When an affiliate signs-up through a special link with your unique code you will receive a commission of 15% of the net-commission of that affiliate.

    Of course also for this plan counts a no negative carryover.

    When do I get paid?

    We pay our affiliates before the 10th for the earned commission of the previous month.

    Which payment methods you offer?

    We pay our affiliates by bank Wire Transfer, Skrill or Neteller.

    For payment you need to reach the following minimum payment amount:

    – Skrill: €100
    – Neteller: €100
    – Wire Transfer: €500

    What kind of marketing tools you have?

    We always try to offer you the best marketing tools and are always open for new ideas. Below you can find the marketing tools we offer but if you have a good idea or you are missing something please contact us and we can discuss internally the options.

    Marketing tools:
    – Banners
    – Text links
    – Mailers
    – Promotion text
    – iframe games

    I cannot find the right banner for my site.

    Don’t worry, contact your Affiliate Manager and he will help you with any kind of promotion tool you need.

    In which countries can I promote your products?

    We don’t accept players from the following countries:

    United Kingdom (UK), Cyprus (CY), Turkey (TR), Israel (IL), United States of America (US) and all of its territories such as American Samoa (AS), Virgin Islands (American) (VI), Guam (GU), Puerto Rico (PR), Northern Mariana Islands (MP), United States, Canada, France, Romania

    How can I contact you?

    First of all you can always send an email through the mail form and an Affiliate Manager will contact you as soon as possible. You can also provide us with a contact number or even your skype details if you prefer a faster and more open communication.

    Will you attending affiliate conferences?

    Yes! We attend all major casino affiliate conferences. Get in touch with us beforehand so that we can arrange a dedicated time and date to meet in person and discuss the options available to you to help increase your revenue or just to have a coffee and talk about the gaming business.